«Osteomed» is developed for those who have problems with endocrine system due to individual or age related causes, and, thus, are threatened with osteoporosis. Treatment with the osteoprotector «Osteomed» is high efficient in prevention of bone mineral density loss, at early stages of osteoporosis, and against his disease markers – arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, periodontosis, and even periodontitis. Combined or alternate therapy of osteoporosis depends on individual body characteristics of each man.

«Osteomed Forte» is created for emergency help in case of osteoporosis and fractures. Dosage is determined by the doctor on the basis of diagnosis and taking into account accompanying diseases that are not related to osteoporosis (comorbidity).

The main cause of joint diseases< bone fractures, periodontosis (and periodontitis in many cases) as well as of weakened hairs and nails is decrease of bone mineral density. This last is in turn caused by metabolism disorders. This is the factor that finally changes the process of birth and destruction of bone cells. When bone tissue has enough young bone cells (and just these young cells contain calcium!), it makes a bone strong. But how we can induce their birth in our body?

Researchers all over the world have not yet found ideal method of treatment of osteoporosis. Therefore, a patient having such a problem is usually treated with combined intake of calcium containing preparations, hormones, bisphosphonates, and various medicaments intended to reduce adverse effects of the prescribed therapy on liver, kidneys, and heart, because the adverse effects of all these drugs are harmful for human body.

Our scientists had long time searching for a composition that would be safe and affect the very cause of bone mineral density loss, i.e., that would induce the birth of new bone cells.

After long researches we have found the main feature on which depends the birth of new bone cells – testosterone level in the body. Testosterone has direct anabolic effect on bone tissue because it «switches on» process of bone cell division, and so promotes the birth of new cells.

Testosterone level in men is some ten times more than in women. Therefore, men have more strong bone tissue, and women suffer from osteoporosis more often. But women have cell receptors for testosterone which are ten times stronger than in men. Furthermore, female sex hormones, estrogens, may increase sensitivity of bone cells to testosterone. I fact, testosterone is raw material for estrogen production by woman’s organism.

In the nature there is a natural substance that is known for its medicinal properties for thousands of years – drone brood. This is drone brood that, when added to a food, may increase testosterone level in the body in a non-hormonal way. Testosterone of drone brood is similar to the human testosterone. Eventually, specific technology of preservation of drone brood allowed us to preserve entomological testosterone intact, and so to create a group of safe osteoprotectors intended to fight bone diseases.

Drone brood homogenate is contained in the whole group of our osteoprotectors. These osteoprotectors were developed for various purposes. So, «Osteomed Forte» is intended for patients who have osteoporosis at severe stages and bone fractures. Before its use, you must surely consult your doctor. But the main preparation of this group is «Osteomed». Its composition is a real innovation, a breakthrough in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The cause is that «Osteomed» was the first developed composition with natural hormone which is similar to the human. «Osteomed» induces the birth of new bone cells in your body. And the whole group of our osteoprotectors is based on this first development.

Recommended use of «Osteomed» for treatment of osteoporosis:

1 tablet in the morning 30 minutes before meals,

2 tablets in the afternoon before meals,

3 tablets in the evening before meals.

Duration of the treatment:

Take during one month, then, after 5-days pause, the use shall be continued. The total duration of the treatment shall be 6 months except for 5-days pauses.

After passing the whole course of treatment it is necessary to pass tests on hormones, ultrasonography of thyroid gland, and densitometry to compare blood tests and X-ray pictures of bones before and after your course of treatment.

Further, the treatment is adjusted depending on the received results and tests.

Some people believe that «drone brood» may cause allergies because it is a bee-keeping product. This opinion is wrong. Drone brood homogenate is not allergen. Drone brood or its homogenate do not contain flower pollen that is the most frequent cause of allergic reaction to honey because honey contains pollen. Drone brood is no more than larvae of drones which did not have time to become adult insects.

The practice of use of drone brood is known worldwide for a long time. For instance, in China drone brood homogenate was used for treatment of neurasthenia, hepatitis, and arthritis. In Japan it was long ago became a part of Japanese national cuisine. Throughout Asia it is used as seasoning and for food in boiled, fried or even in raw form. In Europe were created medicines based on drone brood homogenate. In Russia this wonderful substance became the main ingredient of such efficient medicine against osteoporosis as «Osteomed».

This respect of physicians for products of bee-keeping is not at all occasional. The homogenate is excellent source of biologically active agents.

Drone brood contains:

  • proteins,
  • essential amino acids,
  • enzymes,
  • sterols,
  • vitamins, and
  • minerals.

Very important components of the homogenate are hormones that low to treat various diseases. Additionally, it helps athletes to gain muscle mass.

Decision to use drone brood in pharmacology was result of many years of labor of our researchers. For instance, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences Inna Klishina from Pyatigorsk city carried out at the early 2000s the study of drone brood properties. The researcher set the objective to prove possibility of use of drone larvae to restore the liver function. To achieve this goal, she and her associates were to solve a lot of problems. The scientists tried to determine whether this substance is toxic or harmful for human organism. Furthermore, they were interested in whether drone brood has sensitizing effect. For this purpose they should find out whether it is allergen. Additionally, they must determine immunomodulatory effect of this product.

We must note that it was the first complex comparative evaluation of hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects of drone brood homogenate. Besides were studied «protein» and «lipid» fractions of the homogenate. As comparison medicines were chosen propolis, «Apilac», and «Liv-52».

Together with her assistants, Klishina carried out a series of tests in laboratory rats and mice. According to the generally acknowledged rules, the animals were divided into experimental and control groups. In the beginning of the test, all the animals were subjected to artificial liver intoxication. Then one group of rodents received water suspension of drone homogenate while other groups received comparison medicines. Thereafter, blood and liver of the animals were studied to determine their chemical composition.

The researchers came to the conclusion that drone brood belongs to practically non-toxic and non-allergic substances. Its beneficial effects on liver and immunity were comparable to these of propolis and much stronger than the effects of «Apilac» and «Liv-52». Therefore, it was considered appropriate to use this product of bee-keeping for treatment of patients with toxic hepatitis caused by prolonged intake of some medicaments (e.g., Isoniazid). Drone brood is efficient after contacts with substances similar in composition to tetrachloromethane. It is also suitable for treatment of patients with tuberculosis.

After conducting a number of studies, Inna Kalishina wrote her thesis entitled «Effects of drone brood on activity of factors of non-specific resistance and functional condition of liver with acute intoxication». This thesis gives detailed description the whole progress of her researches.

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