The first invention of Penza scientists proposed by the examiners of ROSPATENT (patent registration authority of the Russian Federation) for the nomination of “100 best inventions of Russia” was the result of research of physicians of Medical Center “Healthy Kids” – “Osteomed” that has become a significant discovery in fractures and osteoporosis prevention. The invention author – MD Professor Villory Ivanovich Strukov – actually introduced a new quality criterion in fractures and osteoporosis prevention such as the cavity formation closure. It turned out that “OSTEOMED” provides the function of osteoblasts to increase the rate of regeneration processes in bones shattered after fractures and to fill the cavity formation in bones. And we are in advance of the West in this research!

Cavity formation in bone tissue significantly weaken it, so the fracture usually is connected with the cavity location. Therefore, it is important to provide mineral matrix deposition in cavity formation. Bones are regarded to be strengthened with calcium. This fact is also confirmed by many Western experts, proposing to take more of such preparations. But in the same time outstanding medical professions of foreign countries suggest that calcium is deposited not only in bones, but also in other tissues. In May, 2012 the journal “HEALTH” published an article about some Swiss scientists researching relating to the calcium preparations danger – blood vessels calcification (heart attacks, cerebrovascular accidents), nephros calcification (stones), soft tissues calcification, etc. We have already talked about these consequences. The textbook for universities “Imbalance Calcium Metabolism. Condition of Hyper-Calcification” edited by Professor V.I. Strukov was published. And now “OSTEOMED” gives people an opportunity to avoid such risks and to ensure that calcium salts will be build up only where they are needed.

More information about action of “OSTEOMED” is said below. Bone cells renew themselves one time in four months. During three months a cell bone is built up by osteoblasts, then it is destroyed by osteoclasts in one month. And this is a continuous process. We have connected the development of osteoporosis and decreasing of the level of androgens and the main male hormone – testosterone. Testosterone is one of a few hormones with anabolic effect and acts as a catalyst for the construction of a human cell. We have noticed that osteoporosis more often affects on women of middle and older age, as for men, they simply died before they could have problems with osteoporosis. The level of testosterone of women is in ten times lower than that of men. And over the years, there is a decreasing of the hormone level even more, that’s why the anabolic processes become more slowly, that results in prevalence of bone destruction function over the function of creation. As a result, bones become thinner and eventually break.

Through research on athletes who receives the preparation “LEVETON- forte” created with drone brood the property of drone brood to keep the level of testosterone was discovered. Moreover, the effect of this drug for women was phenomenal!

Intrinsically women has no testosterone, but their cell receptors are in tens of times more sensitive for testosterone than these one of men. Therefore, even a small amount of entomological testosterone contained in the drone brood showed such phenomenal results for the women bone.

In addition to the drone brood, that prevents leaching of calcium from bones, “OSTEOMED” contains calcium citrate – the best form for the absorption of calcium by the body.

Another important point of “OSTEOMED” will be named below. Osteoporosis is often exposed in the trabecular bone, located around the joints (hip, distal forearm, etc.). This bone is affected by osteoporosis irregularly with cavities forming. Intake of other drugs results in increasing of bone tissue density. But cavities in trabecular bone remain unchanged. The main special feature of “OSTEOMED” is that its intake provides bone cavity filling, i.e. the bone restoring.

Many people have used “OSTEOMED” and they noted the following: aching bone pain is passing off and fractures in the bones are healing quickly. To thank for the drug people call to Penza even from abroad.

“Recently a woman of 91 years old came to doctor Strukov, the author of “OSTEOMED”, for attendance – Dmitry Gennadievich said – to thank him for the drug “Osteomed.” The woman took the drug after her leg fracture. Very often at this age such injuries heal very slowly and painfully, and then people are not able to walk without help of other people. But she was all right.

OSTEOMED” now is registered as a biologically active additive. We continue our researches relating to “OSTEOMED” to put it in the category of drug. OSTEOMED causes a great interest of traumatologists, because people are recovered for at least 2 weeks earlier than taking other drugs that is proved by results of X-ray examination.

OSTEOMED” is interested for dentists. Jawbone tissue is very loose. With prosthetics dentistry it is rather difficult to fix the pin. Treatment with “OSTEOMED” solves this problem.

OSTEOMED” is interested for rheumatologists. Treatment with “OSTEOMED” proved that in some cases arthritis and arthrosis are the result, but osteoporosis is primary factor. Cavity formation in bone tissue results in imbalance of metabolic processes in the part of the bone, that is located behind the cavity. The presence of cavity formation causes moving of mineral matrix destroyed by osteoclasts outside the bone, resulting in osteoarthritis, but not the ability to output the cell decay products results in beginning of inflammatory process and arthritis.

Thus “OSTEOMED” creation caused many researches connected with biologically active substance and products based on drone brood and their affect for the person. The chemical composition of drone brood includes: protein 10-20%, carbohydrates 1-5,5%, fats 5-6,3%, amino acid 11.4%, glucose 3,18-5%, fructose and sucrose to 0.5%. Trace elements (mg%): K 0.50, Ma 38, 14 Ca, P 189, 2 Mg, Fe 3.23, Mn 4.40, Zn 5.54, Si 2, Cr, Co, N1, Ag, Au and other vitamins (water and fat soluble): A 0.54 ME/g: xanthophyll 0.297 mg%, B-carotene 0.426 ME/g, B2 0.739 mg%, O 950 ME/g, 442.8 mg of choline%; nicotinic acid, 15.8 mg%.

Testosterone, progesterone, prolactin and estradiol contained in drone brood

Testosterone nmol/100 g 0, 322
Progesterone nmol/100 g 60, 01
Prolactin, nmol/100 g 475, 4
Estradiol nmol/100 g 847.9
I Lysine 4.5
Histidine 5.6
Arginine 2.1
Aspartic acid 2.1
Threonine 3.3
Series 2.6
Glutamic acid 4.2
Proline 0.8
Glycine 0.84
Alanya 0.66
Valine 3.9
Meylonin 0.31
Isoleucine 0.56
Leucine 3.5
Tyrosine 2.2
Phenylalanine 5.5
Cysteine 4.1

In a short time, “Osteomed” twice was awarded with high honors. In the contest “Golden Mercury” in the nomination “The Best Small Business in the Innovative Activity” enterprise LLC “Parafarm” – manufacturer of ” Osteomed” won . At the All-Russian Forum “Business Success-2012” in the category “Best Innovation Project” “Osteomed” also became a winner. High awards became the recognition of the best innovation in Russia.

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