Manufacturing enterprise “Parafarm” has been created in Penza, and successfully works since 1995. Our profile – hi-tech manufacture of treatment-and-prophylactic means.

From the moment of creation, we conducted extensive works on search of new ways of processing of the medicinal grasses, allowing to inform to the person all pantries of a herb – as it is the primary goal of the manufacturer.

As a result, we have decided to use crushing by a way frosts – rare installation for Russia, (we have a crushing by a way frosts № 5) allowing carefully to crush “a live” root of a herb at very low temperature, to eliminate all mechanical impurity, for example, the earth and to destroy bacteria and thus most full to open all its curative properties. It is technology has received the name “Секреты долголетия”.

All of us we know that the principle of processing by a cold isn’t new. So, skilled mistresses know that the most valuable both useful and useful sunflower-seed oil turns out at the first cold extraction. Therefore, applying technology of crushing by a way frosts, we have achieved possibility to use those properties of herbs which weren’t used till now because of technological inaccessibility, as for example.