Seven prospective inventions of the «Parapharm» Company

1. Patent № 2466733.
Filing of the Application date: 16.03.2011.
Publication of the Application date: 20.11.2012.


The invention (Patent №2466733relates to medicine and can be used for recovery of cerebral functions. It comprises dihydroquercetin and drone brood. It is intended for enhancement of pharmacological effects of post-stroke medicines, and contributes to improvement of intellection and memory quality and metabolism enhancement of the brain.

It is developed for recovery of cerebral functions after cerebral infarction and for prevention of strokes.

The composition is conditioned by the following properties of its components: Dihydroquercetin acts as model antioxidant which restores connective tissue, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, improves blood microcirculation, inhibits thrombus formation, and activates nervous processes. Drone brood contains a large number of enzymes of sulfide groups as well as hormones such as testosteroids, progesterone, and estradiol that contribute to accelerated recovery of cerebral cells and intensifies metabolism.


2. Patent № 2493733.
Filing of the Application date: 05.07.2011.
Publication of the Application date: 27.09.2013.

Tonic beverage:

The invention (Patent № 2493733) is beverage comprising coffee and drone brood which is not used in any tonic beverage. The “Parapharm” Company patented this beverage that allowed obtain more strong tonic effect than coffee because it can effectively increase the time of muscle work. Although the properties of coffee and drone brood are well known, their combination became a real discovery even in technical features: solubility of the obtained product in water, saving and stabilizing of the properties of drone brood, and prophylactic effect on conditions associated with fatigue.


3. Patent №: 2496491.
Filing of the Application date:20.08.2012.
Publication of the Application date: 27.10.2013.

Method of recovery of sexual desire (libido) in men due by using of biologically active dietary supplement for recovery of sexual desire (libido) in men:

The invention (Patent №2496491) relates to medicine, and specifically to sexopathology, and concerns recovery of sexual desire (libido) in men. The patented biologically active dietary supplement that effectively solves the problem of erectile dysfunction, including decrease of libido, disorders of erection and ejaculation, and infertility. The most medicaments that are used today for improvement of sexual function in men are too expensive and may cause significant adverse events in patients with cardiovascular diseases. The “Parapharm” Company suggested more available and safe alternative for treatment of sexual disorders.

This combination comprises L-arginine, bee pollen or beebread (perga), drone brood, zinc, and vitamin B6 as well as from one to three herbal ingredients selected from horny goat weed, roots of Chinese ginseng or pseudoginseng, and leuzea or Serratula coronate in effective amounts. This combination of biologically active ingredients provides recovery of libido due to increase of androgen level in blood and its anti-stress and psycho-stabilizing effects. Only the said composition provides increase of libido by 20 to 43%.

20% is already significant indicator because the most of well-known medicines for increase of sexual function cannot reach even this level.

The level of libido is a determining factor in sexual life in men, maintaining of erectile function, and physiological and psychological health.


4. Patent № 2458537.
Filing of the Application date: 14.03.2011.
Publication of the Application date: 20.08.2012.

Biologically active dietary supplement for prevention of erectile dysfunction in men:

The invention (Patent №2458537) relates to biologically active dietary supplements for prevention of erectile dysfunction in men and is based on natural ingredients. The creators of this medicine set themselves the task to obtain a composition that would comprise a little amount of high effective ingredients for prevention of erectile dysfunction in men. The said composition comprises L-arginine and drone brood. L-arginine induces blood flow to the pelvic area, increases strength and duration of genital blood filling that provides erection. Drone brood acts donates the body with amino acids and minerals, including zinc, magnesium, potassium, choline, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, and other acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, C, and E. The most important is that drone brood supplies the body with entomological hormones, such as prolactine, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone, that additionally stimulate androgen functions in men.

5. Patent №: 2511430.
Filing of the Application date: 19.04.2012.
Publication of the Application date: 10.04.2014.

Method of diagnostics of osteoporosis using a method of determining of dynamics of closing of cavity formations for evaluation of effectiveness of use of various osteoprotectors:

The invention (Patent №2511430) is the most precise and informative method of bone mineral density study in comparison with widely used today X-ray absorptiometry. The X-ray absorptiometry can assess osteoporosis based on bone mineral density only. However, the last method is not completely objective taking into account that quantitative characteristics of bone mineralization may be various depending on the color of the skin, sex, body mass, and even location of a patient.

We suggest improving of diagnostic possibilities of computer osteometers through detection of cavity formations in osteoporotic patients and determining of severity of the disease taking into account not only bone mineral density but also presence of cavity formations in trabecular sections of bones.

The new method of diagnostics is based on another criterion – detection of cavity formations in trabecular sections of bones. And dynamics of closing of these cavity formations shows effectiveness of osteoprotectors.

6. Patent №: 2577225.
Filing of the Application date: 27.03.2015.
Publication of the Application date: 10.03.2016.

Preparation and method for treatment of androgen deficiency in women comprising entomological proteins:

7. 7. Patent №: 2585111.
Filing of the Application date: 27.01.2015.
Filing of the Application date: 27.05.2015.

The use of drone brood with calcium compounds for treatment of arthritis and arthrosis: